CS615 Assignment no 2 Spring 2013 Idea Solution

The HR department of XYZ firm wants to change their manual recruiting policy. Currently, they are handling all online applications manually and want to provide superior human resource solutions by providing an online application form.
You are required to create this online application for this department. The candidates may enter and submit their personal information using these forms. The forms should look like this:

Figure 1: Online Application Form

Figure 2: Validation for Empty Field

Suppose the candidate enters the above information and presses the ‘Submit’ button.
The following form displayed with the information entered in the last form.

Figure 3: Confirmation Form

For example, the candidate mistakenly enters the wrong CNIC no. Then he / she can correct it by pressing the ‘Edit’ button and this will take you in the previous form for editing. See the screenshot blow:

This digit has been corrected…

Figure 4: Editable Form

You have to fulfill these requirements.
· Background colors should be applied using CSS, Main heading style is also applied through CSS.
You have to validate following fields in first form.
· No field should be empty at submitting time.
· You have to implement validation like used in Figure 2 for Empty Name Field. The validations should be for Name, Email and CNIC.
· First name, last name, nationality should only contains characters.
· Email should be in proper format.
· Phone no. should contain only numbers not more than 11.
· CNIC should contain only numbers and not more than 13.


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